Safe: Criterion Collection

January 22, 2015

Safe (1995) was only independent filmmaker Todd Haynes’ second feature film, but it established him as an emerging talent with a unique worldview and a knack for presenting fascinating female protagonists, in this case one played by Julianne Moore who... 

Point Break: Pure Adrenaline Edition

October 17, 2006

Generally panned by critics upon its release, Point Break (1991) has gone on to enjoy something of a minor cult following among action film fans who enjoy its breathlessly choreographed action sequences involving daring bank heists, car chases, skydiving... 


March 12, 2006

Courtney Cox stars as a disturbed photography teacher who recently lost her boyfriend in a drugstore robbery. As her world starts to crumble, does she have more to do with the murder than even she knows? While the rest of the cast of Friends were struggling... 


February 19, 2006

Since the popular T.V. show Friends ended its long run there’s been some speculation as to what the cast would do next. Some have stayed on T.V. (Matt LeBlanc and Lisa Kudrow) and some have moved on to movies (Jennifer Aniston). Courteney Cox has followed... 

Mission Without Permission

May 20, 2005

When dad gets sick it’s up to Maddy and her clever friends to come up with the money for his operation and it just so happens mom is in charge at the new bank… Mission Without Permission (also known as Catch That Kid) tries to do the kiddie...