Friends with Money

February 27, 2007

Nicole Holofcener writes some of the best, most realistic dialogue for women (and men) and how they interact with one another. This was evident with her strong debut film Walking and Talking (1996) and her work on the small screen with the episodes of... 

Black Hawk Down

May 25, 2003

For the sake of uncle Sam, baseball and all things American Daz unfolds his Stars and Stripes flag, cuts himself a large slice of apple pie and settles down with Black Hawk Down. God bless America. With a film produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (The Rock,... 

Peter Pan

February 22, 2002

The tenth screen version of J.M Barrie’s classic tale about the adventures of a boy who doesn’t want to grow up. Does a story so often retold…well, need to be told yet again? This is reported to be the closest adaptation of the book...