Inland Empire

September 13, 2007

“A woman in trouble.” That is David Lynch’s concise synopsis for his latest film, Inland Empire (2006), but it could easily describe any one of his female protagonists, from Lula traveling along the weird, yellow brick road in Wild at Heart (1990)... 

Kingdom of Heaven: Director’s Cut

May 23, 2006

Kingdom of Heaven (2005) was Ridley Scott’s costly epic about the Crusades that promptly flopped at the box office in North America. Clearly, the studio and Scott were hoping for another zeitgeist galvanizing response to this film like with Gladiator... 


May 2, 2006

Heath Ledger proved his versatility as an actor in 2005 by playing very diverse characters in four different movies. Hot off the heels of his gay cowboy role in the 1960s in Brokeback Mountain, he went on to portray one of the world’s greatest lovers... 

Kingdom of Heaven

January 13, 2006

There’s a moment in Kingdom of Heaven where our hero Balian asks his enemy Saladin what the city of Jerusalem is worth to him. “Nothing,” he replies. “Everything.” This paradox is the prevailing problem with the film itself;... 

The Lion King Special Edition

May 20, 2003

At last, after just over 10 years since it’s worldwide release at the cinema, Disney’s The Lion King comes to dvd. One of the most successful Disney feature-length films of all time has been released on a special 2-disc edition dvd. And it’s...