Factory Girl: Unrated

July 17, 2007

Charles Taylor’s recent article in the New York Times documented the checkered production history of Factory Girl (2006), a biopic about Andy Warhol star, Edie Sedgwick. The shoot was plagued with a shifty financial backer, delays and re-shoots. Then,... 

Fever Pitch: Cursed Reversed Edition

February 2, 2006

Unlike fellow Saturday Night Live alumni Will Farrell, Jimmy Fallon has yet to make the successful jump from television to movies. He showed promise with his small (and almost unrecognizable) role in Almost Famous (2000) and then completely wasted it... 


August 24, 2005

Inept cop Jimmy Fallon must team up with girl-racer Queen Latifah to catch a gang of wily bank robbers who also happen to be supermodels. A remake of French hit Taxi from 1998, Luc Besson again returns to produce this lightweight tale of cops n’...