Gate of Flesh

January 14, 2006

Based on the novel by Taijiro Tamura, Seijun Suzuki’s Gate of Flesh (1964) explores the harsh world of post-World War II prostitutes in Tokyo, in particular, a group whose already tenuous relationship with each other is put to the test when a wild,... 

Branded to Kill: Criterion Collection

January 4, 2006

Seijun Suzuki cut his teeth on pop musicals, comedies, action and war films. Over time, he became impatient with his status as a B-movie director while some of his peers were making A movies. Often stuck with substandard screenplays, the frustrated director... 

Youth of the Beast

July 31, 2005

Youth of the Beast (1963) starts off in sobering black and white film stock as serious-looking police detectives investigate a double suicide. Cut suddenly to colour film stock of two girls laughing hysterically with frenetic jazz music crashing in. We’ve...