Certain Women: Criterion Collection

March 6, 2018

Kelly Reichardt is a highly regarded filmmaker known for her quietly understated, slice of life dramas like Wendy and Lucy (2008) and Meek’s Cutoff (2010). Her latest film is Certain Women (2016), an adaptation of three short stories by Maile Meloy,... 

Blood Simple: Criterion Collection

November 30, 2016

After the disastrous experience of making Crimewave (1986) with their friend and fellow filmmaker Sam Raimi, the Coen brothers – Joel and Ethan – parted company with him and decided to make a film on their own. They returned to their hometown and... 

Zodiac: Director’s Cut

January 18, 2008

After the technically accomplished but ultimately hollow thriller Panic Room (2002), director David Fincher returns to familiar subject matter with Zodiac (2007), a dramatization of the murders perpetuated by the infamous serial killer known as Zodiac... 

The Fly: The Ultimate Collector’s Edition

May 17, 2006

Should Man play God, should we attempt to better the world with radical inventions, should we push scientific know-how to its limits and should we test it, on ourselves? The Fly movies would suggest that, no – we don’t, because when it goes wrong,...