Love, Cheat & Steal

November 18, 2011

During the 1990’s, neo-noirs were all the rage with some good (The Hot Spot), some not so good (Malice) and some great (L.A. Confidential). Lie, Cheat & Steal (1993) falls somewhere in the middle with its cast of B-movie stars and paint-by-numbers... 

Blow Out: Criterion Collection

April 26, 2011

Time has been kind to Brian De Palma and his films. When he rose to prominence and made some of his most memorable films in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, the director was criticized for making schlocky horror films (The Fury) and, most damning... 

Confessions of a Shopaholic: Two-Disc Special Edition

June 23, 2009

With Muriel’s Wedding (1994), Australian filmmaker P.J. Hogan injected fresh, new life into the romantic comedy and all to the beat of a memorable soundtrack dominated by Abba songs. He gave the film an edgy quality with a shocking plot twist partway... 

Kinsey: Special Edition

November 13, 2005

From the late ‘30s to the mid ‘50s, Dr. Alfred Kinsey changed the way people thought and talked about sex. He dared to speak frankly and openly about sex at an extremely repressive time. Kinsey was a pioneer and an innovator, someone who was a free... 

Santa Claus: The Movie

May 1, 2005

Christmas is a time of year that seems to stimulate many a good scribe to churn out a script based around the holiday season. Television will be bombarded with crap Christmas Specials of successful sitcoms, somewhere ‘The Snowman’ will be...