Queen of Blood

May 2, 2011

Released in 1966 as part of a double bill with fellow American International Pictures B-movie Blood Bath, Queen of Blood was assembled by director Curtis Harrington with footage from the Russian films, Mechte Navstrechu and Nebo Zovyot. It certainly has... 

Cannibal Apocalypse

November 18, 2005

Previously banned in the UK during the eighties, Cannibal Apocalypse falls into the exact sub-genre where it belongs – the video nasty. These fairly low budget, raw violence, horror flicks were popular all over the world and Cannibal Apocalypse... 

Enter the Dragon: Special Edition

February 17, 2004

When Enter the Dragon came out in 1973, it established Bruce Lee as a box office star in the United States. He was already a sensation in the rest of the world, but it was this U.S./Chinese co-production that transformed him into a pop culture phenomenon....