Heaven’s Gate: Criterion Collection

December 19, 2012

With Heaven’s Gate (1980), Michael Cimino made the classic risky gamble that many ambitious filmmakers make. Still flush from the commercial and critical success of The Deer Hunter (1978), he used all of his newfound clout to make an epic tale depicting... 

The Third Man

June 4, 2007

Based on a story by Graham Greene, The Third Man (1949) was the follow-up to his previous collaboration with director Carol Reed, The Fallen Idol (1948) and was not an easy film to get made but the end result speaks for itself as it has since become an... 

F for Fake

October 5, 2005

Made late in Orson Welles’ life, F for Fake (1972) is an odd movie. Not exactly a documentary but rather a film essay on forgeries and the nature of authorship. The movie also continues the filmmaker’s life-long fascination with magic. He performs...