Pretty Woman: 15th Anniversary Special Edition

February 2, 2006

Pretty Woman (1990) is the film that transformed Julia Roberts into a superstar and made her America’s sweetheart, a mantle she took away from Meg Ryan who had held it a year earlier and would lose to Sandra Bullock a few years later. Considering the... 

Ocean’s Twelve

September 30, 2005

With big budget, star-studded casts like the one in Ocean’s Twelve (2004), there is always the danger of having them look too smug and self-indulgent instead of having fun along with the audience. Ocean’s Eleven (2001) managed to straddle this line... 


August 30, 2005

Mike Nichols is enjoying something of a comeback. First, there was the critically-lauded Angels in America mini-series that aired on HBO and now the equally successful Closer (2004). Together, they prove that there is an audience for smart dramas by and... 

Ocean’s Eleven

July 3, 2003

When it comes to crime capers there’s only one man for the job, and it doesn’t even invalidate his parole. Daz examines Ocean’s Eleven and plots a trip to Las Vegas, guess we won’t be seeing him for a few years. Over the years... 

Mona Lisa Smile

March 11, 2003

Once upon a time Julia Roberts was the queen of the 90’s romantic comedy who reinvented herself via Steven Soderbergh in 2000 as an Oscar-winning actress. Mona Lisa Smile fails Roberts in both these categories, never once throwing up a surprise...