Nip/Tuck: The Sixth and Final Season

June 25, 2010

Nip/Tuck is one of those TV series that you just can’t stop watching, even though most of the characters of the show are thoroughly despicable. The show follows the lives and loves of two plastic surgeons from Florida, though in the fifth season they... 

Charmed: Season 3

February 19, 2006

The third season of Charmed marked the last one for Shannen Doherty. Officially, she left due to “creative differences” with rumours abounding that they were with Alyssa Milano. Seeing as how Milano was one of the show’s executive producers, it... 

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer: The Power Cosmic Edition

October 2, 0207

With the baffling box office success of the inept Fantastic Four (2005), a sequel was, unfortunately, inevitable. One would hope that the filmmakers would take the criticism leveled at the first film to heart but sadly, the weak screenplay rears its ugly...