The Superman Motion Picture Anthology (Blu-Ray)

June 17, 2011

With every new format comes the chance to release box-sets of classic movies once again; those movies that, regardless of whether we’ve seen them a thousand times or whether we already own them on numerous formats, they become must have purchases. Indiana... 

Beyond the Sea

November 4, 2005

Insightful biopic or bloated vanity project? That’s what audiences and critics were asking themselves when Kevin Spacey’s labour of love, Beyond the Sea (2004), a dramatization of the life and times of legendary crooner Bobby Darin, came out. Since... 

Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!

November 30, 2004

It must be everyone’s fantasy to be dating his or her favourite sexy movie star and for Kate Bosworth’s Rosalee that fantasy is about to come true when she discovers a competition to win a date with Tad Hamilton. Her dreams are fulfilled when...