Confessions of an American Girl

July 30, 2005

One of the hardest obstacles for independent films to overcome is distribution. Some films are relegated to obscurity by bad timing, lack of funds or, simply, they just aren’t that good. Such is the case with Confessions of an American Girl (2002),... 

G.I. Jane

October 19, 2003

G.I. Jane flopped at the box office. This is an incontrovertible fact. It was a dead flop. As said in the movie ‘America is just not ready to see its young women come home in body bags’. However I think this film is still worthy of merit.... 


May 7, 2003

Steven Seagal makes his triumphant return to the DVD arena and this time he swaps his trademark ponytail, black outfit and Zen preachings for a ponytail, black outfit and some, erm, Zen preachings. Yes, once again he’s playing a cop as well. This...