Live Free or Die Hard: Unrated

December 18, 2007

It seems like some of the action stars from the 1980s are trying to make a comeback. You’ve got Sylvester Stallone resurrecting the Rambo franchise. Harrison Ford is donning the hat and bullwhip to play Indiana Jones again. Hell, even Jean-Claude Van... 

An Evening with Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder

November 21, 2006

If Kevin Smith stopped making movies, he could easily make a living doing spoken word tours entertaining his fans with stories about his life and the movies he’s made. He’s a natural speaker who loves to talk. His spoken word gigs are the stuff of... 

Clerks: 10th Anniversary Edition

March 22, 2005

It’s hard to believe that the little independent film-that-could, Clerks (1994), is ten years old. Inspired by the low-budget success of Slacker (1990), Kevin Smith wrote, directed and starred in his ode to working a dead-end job as a cash-register...