Revolutionary Road

May 29, 2009

Between The Reader and Revolutionary Road, it’s safe to say that 2008 was been a very good year for Kate Winslet. She won or was nominated for all of the major acting awards for either one of these two films. She also won the big prize that she’s... 

The Aviator

November 18, 2005

For years, Martin Scorsese has been unfairly overlooked by the Academy Awards (GoodFellas losing out to Dances with Wolves?!). He is the perennial Hollywood outsider. In recent years, the veteran filmmaker seems to become aware of this slight and, like... 

Titanic: Special Collector’s Edition

October 25, 2005

For years people have been fascinated with the tragic sinking of the Titanic. James Cameron has been interested deep sea diving and exploration from an early age. It was this interest that turned him on to the story of the Titanic. Many theories have...