The Superman Motion Picture Anthology (Blu-Ray)

June 17, 2011

With every new format comes the chance to release box-sets of classic movies once again; those movies that, regardless of whether we’ve seen them a thousand times or whether we already own them on numerous formats, they become must have purchases. Indiana... 

The Back to the Future Trilogy

February 4, 2006

Great Scot! Marty and the Doc are back again for a seriously heavy new Back to the Future boxset. There are few films we can call untouchable classics, but Back to the Future parts one, two and three are about as close as you could get to a perfect trilogy... 

Apollo 13: Anniversary Edition

September 25, 2005

With Apollo 13 (1995) Ron Howard firmly entrenched himself as an A-list Hollywood director. Not only was he making the kind of heartfelt, moving picture that attracts a large, mainstream audience, but he had the powerhouse cast to back it up. Previously,... 

Back to the Future Trilogy Box Set

September 7, 2003

In 1985 the Spielberg produced Back to the Future became one of the greatest and most successful films of the decade, some may say that it is the defining movie of the Eighties, but it so nearly didn’t happen. Director Robert Zemeckis, as he explains...