November 19, 2013

Oliver Stone’s JFK (1991) reignited the American public’s fascination with the John F. Kennedy assassination, spawning several other films that took a look at either the peripheral figures involved (Ruby) or its impact on society (Love Field). In... 

The Mist: 2-Disc Collector’s Edition

April 14, 2008

Filmmaker Frank Darabont has a real affinity for Stephen King’s stories having previously adapted two of the author’s non-horror tales (The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile) and with his latest film he tackles another King story, The Mist (2007),... 

Bad News Bears: Special Collector’s Edition

February 21, 2006

If fans of Richard Linklater’s films were nervous when he entered the mainstream with School of Rock (2003), a Jack Black vehicle with kids, then they must’ve freaked out when it was announced that he was remaking The Bad News Bears (1976) with Billy... 


August 13, 2005

Filmmaker Dylan Kidd proved with his debut feature, Rodger Dodger (2002), that he was an adept observer of human behaviour. He has a keen eye on how people interact with one another. Where his first film featured an unsympathetic and often unlikable protagonist,... 

Mystic River

May 18, 2004

Clint Eastwood is a highly regarded actor but under-appreciated as a director. Sure, he received an Academy Award for directing Unforgiven (1992) and deservedly so, but he is conspicuously absent when critics talk about great contemporary directors like... 

Mona Lisa Smile

March 11, 2003

Once upon a time Julia Roberts was the queen of the 90’s romantic comedy who reinvented herself via Steven Soderbergh in 2000 as an Oscar-winning actress. Mona Lisa Smile fails Roberts in both these categories, never once throwing up a surprise...