I Know What You Did Last Summer: The Collection

August 10, 2006

At first glance, it seems incredible that a film as awful as I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) did well enough to spawn two sequels. How could a film that was essentially Beverly Hills 90210 meets Scooby Doo with blood have been so successful? It’s... 

Dawn of the Dead: Director’s Cut

May 29, 2005

There are two ends of the scale when it comes to Hollywood remakes. There’s the nonsensical and pointless (Psycho 1998,) and there’s the smart re-imaging for a modern audience (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003). Nearly twenty-five years after... 


March 17, 2003

Watching ‘Honey’ is a similar experience to watching a football match with crap teams. Both waste ninety minutes of your life staring at a screen watching talentless people sweating it out. Except with football, the goal celebrations are more entertaining...