Factory Girl: Unrated

July 17, 2007

Charles Taylor’s recent article in the New York Times documented the checkered production history of Factory Girl (2006), a biopic about Andy Warhol star, Edie Sedgwick. The shoot was plagued with a shifty financial backer, delays and re-shoots. Then,... 

Rumor Has It

May 25, 2006

Since her highly publicized break-up with Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston has wisely kept busy making movies. Alas, they haven’t been that good. Both Derailed (2005) and Rumor Has It (2005) came and went from theatres relatively fast. The latter film was... 

American Pie Box Set: The Complete Pie

June 4, 2003

Get yourself in the school dinner queue for a double helping of pie as American Pie 1 and 2 are released in a double disc set. But is this a veritable feast of a pie or just some stale leftovers from a long since devoured meal? American Pie follows in...