Star Trek: Generations: Special Collector’s Edition

April 20, 2005

Touted as the legendary meeting of Captain Kirk (Shatner) from the classic Trek and Captain Picard (Stewart) from The Next Generation, Star Trek: Generations (1994) was seen as a symbolic passing of the torch from one franchise to the other. However,... 

Star Trek: Nemesis

September 25, 2003

It’s time to boldly go once more where only the bald critic Daz will tread, so strap on those phasers and head on out to the Neutral Zone as we look at the tenth Star Trek; Star Trek: Nemesis. It’s long since been common knowledge that Star... 

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2 Box Set

May 14, 2003

They said it couldn’t be done, a new Star Trek that replaces Kirk and co with new actors? What nonsense. However do it they did, and Bill Shatner’s balding bonce was replaced by a balder, bolder captain. And now the new crew are back once... 

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 Box Set

May 9, 2003

What’s the difference between a Trekkie and a Trekker? A Trekker dreams about what sex would be like with Deana Troy and a Trekkie dreams about what sex would be like. That’s just about the funniest joke I’ve heard that attempts to pigeon-hole... 

The Santa Clause 2

March 1, 2003

The Santa Clause 2 (2002) answers the burning question that we’ve all been wondering asking ourselves: what has Judge Reinhold been up to lately? The first Santa Clause was a monster hit at the box office so a sequel was inevitable. Not having seen...