Scanners: Criterion Collection

July 28, 2014

For a good part of his career, David Cronenberg has been fascinated by secret societies, be it the New Age-y psychotherapist and his patients in The Brood (1979) or the people addicted to an immersive video game in eXistenZ (1999). With Scanners (1981),... 

Terminator Salvation (Blu-Ray)

November 18, 2009

This review refers to the Blu-Ray version of Terminator Salvation. When the idea of a fourth Terminator movie was first floated around, it met with much scepticism. The third Terminator, Rise of the Machines, was so bad that any thought of another movie... 

The Glass Shield: Special Edition

January 23, 2006

Charles Burnett is one of America‚Äôs most underrated filmmakers working today. Unlike his African-American contemporary, Spike Lee, he is not an outspoken personality in his own right, preferring to let the work speak for itself. In many respects, his... 

The Machinist

December 30, 2005

After seeing Christian Bale all buff and beautiful in American Psycho (2000), it comes as quite a shock to see the physical transformation he underwent for The Machinist (2004). No trickery was done with CGI or make-up to convey his gaunt, emaciated appearance.... 

The A-Team: Volume 1

September 23, 2003

For those of you that grew up in the eighties with shows like Knight Rider, Street Hawk and Airwolf you’ll know that there was only one T.V. show really worth watching. It was about four fugitives from justice, in a black van and it starred Mr....