Spin City: The Complete First Season

November 20, 2008

Before he had critical and commercial success with the Scrubs television program, Bill Lawrence co-created Spin City with Gary David Goldberg, himself no stranger to producing a hit T.V. series with the huge triumph that was Family Ties. Spin City saw... 

Casualties of War: Extended Cut

April 25, 2006

Casualties of War (1989) came out towards the end of the trend of Vietnam War movies in the 1980s after the likes of Oliver Stone, Stanley Rubric and others had tried their hand at it. By the time Brian De Palma’s film came out the public had grown... 

The Back to the Future Trilogy

February 4, 2006

Great Scot! Marty and the Doc are back again for a seriously heavy new Back to the Future boxset. There are few films we can call untouchable classics, but Back to the Future parts one, two and three are about as close as you could get to a perfect trilogy... 

Back to the Future Trilogy Box Set

September 7, 2003

In 1985 the Spielberg produced Back to the Future became one of the greatest and most successful films of the decade, some may say that it is the defining movie of the Eighties, but it so nearly didn’t happen. Director Robert Zemeckis, as he explains... 

Interstate 60

August 3, 2002

Despite being the co-writer for a certain Delorian-related time-travel trilogy, Bob Gale had to fight tooth and nail to make his directorial debut with this wonderfully offbeat road movie. Frustrated at being unable to make his first choice of film, Gale...