Michael Jackson’s This Is It

February 19, 2010

It’s something of an understatement to say that I’m a big Michael Jackson fan. I don’t just have all of his albums, I have most of the singles – and many of them on 12” vinyl promo. I have an original full set of early 80s Michael Jackson dolls,... 

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

July 7, 2009

With the events of the last couple of weeks it seems the world has once again fallen in love with Michael Jackson. It’s just a shame that it took something so drastic for this to happen, but often genius isn’t always recognised until someone passes... 

Michael Jackson Number Ones

May 1, 2003

He’s the King of Pop, the greatest entertainer of a generation, has the biggest selling album of all time, he was the first black artist to be shown on MTV and he single handedly revolutionised the music video. He is, quite simply, Michael Jackson. The...