The Lady Vanishes: Criterion Collection

December 18, 2008

The Lady Vanishes (1938) marked Alfred Hitchcock’s last British film before he made the move to Hollywood and greater fame and fortune. It also demonstrated what the Master of Suspense could do with very little money. Once in America, he would have... 

The Complete Mr. Arkadin

April 12, 2006

By 1955, Orson Welles’ Hollywood career was over having burned his final bridges with Tinseltown over The Lady From Shanghai (1947). He would direct Touch of Evil (1958) for Universal a few years later but only at Charlton Heston’s behest. Mr. Arkadin... 

The Browning Version

December 1, 2005

Anthony Asquith was a British filmmaker who specialized in cinematic adaptations of literature that included the likes of Pygmalion (1938), The Importance of Being Earnest (1952) and most significantly the following plays of Terence Rattigan: While the... 

Time Without Pity

March 20, 2002

Filmmaker Joseph Losey was blacklisted from Hollywood during the McCarthy witch-hunts of the 1950s. He relocated to England and made films under a pseudonym. Time Without Pity (1957) was made during his early British incarnation period (1954-62) and was...