The Missing Person

April 23, 2010

With an Academy Award nomination for his scene-stealing role in Revolutionary Road (2008), Michael Shannon’s career was given a considerable boost. For years, he’s plugged away in small roles in big films like Pearl Harbor (2001) and more substantial... 

Revolutionary Road

May 29, 2009

Between The Reader and Revolutionary Road, it’s safe to say that 2008 was been a very good year for Kate Winslet. She won or was nominated for all of the major acting awards for either one of these two films. She also won the big prize that she’s... 


February 20, 2006

Films about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq continue to be hard sell with American audiences. Perhaps it is because we are still living through them, still experiencing loved ones coming home from the Middle East maimed, scarred or dead. Nobody wants... 

The Woodsman

October 14, 2005

Kevin Bacon has had an interesting career to the say the least. In the ‘80s, he was being groomed as a leading man with Footloose (1984) but ended up rejecting these kinds of films in favour of memorable supporting roles in the ‘90s with the likes...