Le Doulos: Criterion Collection

November 25, 2008

Jean-Pierre Melville was known for making genre films with rambling narratives that delighted in taking all kinds of plot diversions. His seventh film, Le Doulos (1962), based on the novel by Pierre Lesou, deviated from his usual approach to produce a... 

Belle de jour: Criterion Collection

January 9, 2006

In 1967, master provocateur Luis Bunuel released one of his most celebrated films Belle de jour, an erotic tale of an unhappy bourgeois Paris housewife who works part-time at a posh brothel in order to act out her complex psychosexual fantasies. It was... 

Danger: Diabolik

November 6, 2005

Mario Bava was known predominantly for making classic horror films like Black Sabbath (1963) but he also essayed several other genres in his long, illustrious career: sword and sandal epics, science fiction and, with Danger: Diabolik (1968), a comic book... 

The Phantom of Liberty

November 3, 2005

Luis Bunuel claimed in an interview that his film, The Phantom of Liberty (1974), “only imitates the mechanisms of chance. It was written in a conscious state; it is neither dream nor a delirious flow of images.” His film defies a traditional narrative...