Things to Come: Criterion Collection

July 3, 2013

H.G. Wells was a prolific author responsible for science fiction classics like The Time Machine, The Island of Dr. Moreau, and The War of the Worlds. He eventually became interested in writing about where he thought humanity was headed and where it ought... 

Richard III: Criterion Collection

May 15, 2013

When actor Laurence Olivier unleashed his cinematic adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Richard III in 1955, he was certainly no stranger to the Bard, having acted in several theatrical productions over the years and starred and directed acclaimed film... 

The Four Feathers: Criterion Collection

October 18, 2011

Based on A.E.W. Mason’s 1902 best-selling novel of the same name, The Four Feathers was adapted into three different films before producer Alexander Korda gave it a go in 1939. In addition, it was filmed three more times afterwards but many consider... 

The Fallen Idol

December 7, 2006

Based on the Graham Greene short story “The Basement Room” (he also wrote the screenplay), The Fallen Idol (1948) is a taut thriller seen through the eyes of child. Phillipe (Henrey) is the son of a foreign diplomat in London, England. His parents... 

Time Bandits

June 27, 2003

Handmade Films, controlled by the late great George Harrison, are responsible for a wealth of cheap cult classics. None more renowned, successful or full of short people as Gilliam’s Time Bandits. Ex Pythons Michael Palin and Terry Gilliam combined...