4 Movie Collection: Drama

November 15, 2012

The Last Detail (1973) continued a fantastic run of films for Jack Nicholson in the 1970s. Armed with Robert Towne’s brilliantly profane screenplay and Hal Ashby’s assured direction, Nicholson delivered a memorable performance as “Badass” Buddusky,... 

Brokeback Mountain

April 3, 2006

Now that the hype surrounding Brokeback Mountain (2005) has started to die down, one can get past all of the superlatives heralding Ang Lee’s film as a classic and all of the jokey puns on the film’s title and concentrate on what makes it really work:... 

Quick Change

March 12, 2006

New York City. There have been many cinematic odes to the Big Apple, from Woody Allen’s Manhattan (1979), to Blue in the Face (1995), but few films have shown comedic contempt for this famous metropolis — Martin Scorsese’s double hit of... 

The Ice Harvest

December 12, 2005

The Ice Harvest (2005) is a pitch black comedy set in Wichita, Kansas on Christmas Eve. Charlie (Cusack) is a mob lawyer who has stolen $2 million of his boss’ (Quaid) money with the help of Vic (Thornton), a local pornographer. Charlie has a thing... 

Not Another Teen Movie

November 5, 2003

In the last ten years the genre of the teen movie grew to become one of the biggest and financially successful in film. The fact that the subject matter for these films seemed never to vary was irrelevant. Basically the same film was being produced...