December 5, 2011

One of the staples of the horror genre is the anthology film, comprised of several stories, often linked together by a common thread. The 1980’s was the last time a good crop of these kinds of films were harvested with the likes of Heavy Metal (1981),... 

Twin Peaks: Season 2

April 5, 2007

Twin Peaks was the first bonafide pop culture phenomenon of the 1990s as millions of viewers tuned in every week to find out who killed Laura Palmer (Lee) and check out what the quirky inhabitants of this small, northwestern town were up to. After the... 

Good Night, and Good Luck

April 7, 2006

2005 was a good year for politically and socially conscious films – Syriana, Munich, The Constant Gardener and Good Night, and Good Luck. The last film marked George Clooney’s sophomore directorial effort (the first being Confessions of a Dangerous... 

RoboCop Trilogy

August 16, 2003

In 1988 director Paul Verhoeven made his American debut with the violent futuristic actioner Robocop. Dripping with satire and gore in equal measure, Robocop became an instant cult hit. Verhoeven seemed to remake Robocop every few years with a series... 

Dead End

July 21, 2003

A family travelling down a country road become lost and start to die in mysterious circumstances. The rather bonkers brainchild of two French screenwriters who wanted to direct their first film but were told their idea was too ‘un-French’... 

Jeepers Creepers 2

December 6, 2001

The Creeper is back and this time he’s hungry enough to eat an entire schoolbus full of kids. The first Jeepers Creepers divided audiences. The first half was genuinely creepy, harking back to the straightforward chillers of the 70s. Unfortunately...