The Machinist

December 30, 2005

After seeing Christian Bale all buff and beautiful in American Psycho (2000), it comes as quite a shock to see the physical transformation he underwent for The Machinist (2004). No trickery was done with CGI or make-up to convey his gaunt, emaciated appearance.... 


April 3, 2003

S.W.A.T., Special Weapons and Tactics, or Script Weak, Action Terrible as it could also be known. Quite why Samuel L. Jackson persists in choosing these roles is beyond me, but here he is once again playing a wafer thin character, which seems based only... 


January 5, 2002

I was sitting in MacDonalds with some friends not too long ago munching on my Big Mac and fries when a hugely obese man passes us. We all saw him, you can’t not see a hugely obese man walking past your table, but it didn’t stop us from finishing...