November 19, 2013

Oliver Stone’s JFK (1991) reignited the American public’s fascination with the John F. Kennedy assassination, spawning several other films that took a look at either the peripheral figures involved (Ruby) or its impact on society (Love Field). In... 

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

November 30, 2012

Ever since Juno (2007), Jennifer Garner seems to have been relegated to playing “mom” roles – whether it is by choice or by typecasting is uncertain. She seems to have moved on from the more physically demanding roles (Daredevil) and romantic comedies... 

Nightmares and Dreamscapes

October 31, 2006

Stephen King adaptations are traditionally hit or miss affairs. For every superior one like Salem’s Lot (1979) there are many more lackluster ones like Maximum Overdrive (1986). And so each new King adaptation is approached with a certain amount of... 

Relative Strangers

August 28, 2006

Relative Strangers is such a perfect example of the importance of a good script. Not even the combined might of Danny DeVito, Kathy Burke and Neve (schwing) Campbell, can save this generic and mostly unfunny movie. Comedies about parents haven’t... 

Sex and the City: The Complete Fifth Season

May 30, 2002

Just in time for the last run of episodes of Sex and the City, HBO and Warner Brothers have released the truncated fifth season on DVD. This set offers the best transfers so far with crystal clear resolution and strikingly vibrant colours. For the first...