Thank You For Smoking

October 10, 2006

As more and more cities, states and countries ban smoking in public places (Philadelphia has been one of the latest) and the government tries to make us more conscious of our health, the more pressure is on the tobacco companies to find other, creative... 

Road House: Deluxe Edition

July 18, 2006

After the success of Dirty Dancing (1987) made Patrick Swayze a household name, he followed it up with two unimpressive movies and then came Road House (1989) which was a modest success commercially and savaged by critics as he unsuccessfully tried to... 


September 1, 2001

The last of the really huge comic properties gets its modern day movie magic treatment, and HULK is something of a strange result. If Universal were expecting a Spider-Man or X-Men styled actioner then they’ll be markedly disappointed, but then...