Le Doulos: Criterion Collection

November 25, 2008

Jean-Pierre Melville was known for making genre films with rambling narratives that delighted in taking all kinds of plot diversions. His seventh film, Le Doulos (1962), based on the novel by Pierre Lesou, deviated from his usual approach to produce a... 

La Ronde: Criterion Collection

October 15, 2008

Vienna, 1900 and the author of La Ronde (1950) appears on a stage with a fake backdrop of the city, addressing the audience. He walks past the set and begins to establish the story and the two main characters: Leocadie (Signoret), the prostitute, and... 

Army of Shadows

May 21, 2007

For reasons that are still unknown, Jean-Pierre Melville’s Army of Shadows (1969) was never distributed in North America. It wasn’t until April 2006 that it finally enjoyed a theatrical release on that continent. Who so long? Was it perhaps Melville’s...