June 15, 2005

And so the laconic lasagne-loving fat orange cat finally makes it to the big screen, now an entirely CGI creation, but will his fanbase go along for the ride? The answer is probably no, and Jonathan Frakes will probably tell you why after his disastrous... 

Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!

November 30, 2004

It must be everyone’s fantasy to be dating his or her favourite sexy movie star and for Kate Bosworth’s Rosalee that fantasy is about to come true when she discovers a competition to win a date with Tad Hamilton. Her dreams are fulfilled when... 

The Glimmer Man

November 30, 2003

Ahh, Steven Seagal, aka, ‘The Portly One’, how I love you! How much pleasure have I derived from your films over the years? Oh trembling hand let me respond! Too much! Thou art a God! On the other hand… How much of my life have I wasted... 

Freaky Friday

July 1, 2002

The body swap genre has had a less than illustrious past. Films like Like Father, Like Son (1987) and Vice Versa (1988) take a child and their adult counterpart and reverse their roles with supposedly hilarious results. The humour comes from the adult...