The Last Seven

October 21, 2010

It seems that failed agony uncle Danny Dyer has been in an awful lot of direct-to-video films lately. In fact, every time that I go to my local Asda, he’s there, mocking me from the DVD aisle. Cheapo copies of Pimp, Jack Said, City Rats and Dead... 


February 10, 2006

Man’s best friend takes on a new role. He’s loyal, obedient, loving and will kick the ass of the criminal underworld if they don’t pay up. Previously titled “Danny the Dog” – Unleashed brings a culture clash to our screens, as the... 

Layer Cake

January 15, 2006

After the dissolution of his partnership with Guy Ritchie (reportedly over the Swept Away remake debacle), producer Matthew Vaughn set out to continue what he and Ritchie had set out to do: make modest yet clever British gangster films with colourful... 


October 27, 2005

Cockney grifter Ken Stott gets more than he bargains for when a routine truck hijack leaves him with two refugee children to take care of. Seven years. That’s how long ago Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels appeared and gave the British film industry... 

The Football Factory

March 19, 2003

Student cinema ticket: £7. Popcorn and a chilled beverage: £4.50. Watching ‘The Football Factory’ glorify mindless acts of violence in football hooliganism and influencing me to do the same: priceless. Finally, British cinema has returned...