The Superman Motion Picture Anthology (Blu-Ray)

June 17, 2011

With every new format comes the chance to release box-sets of classic movies once again; those movies that, regardless of whether we’ve seen them a thousand times or whether we already own them on numerous formats, they become must have purchases. Indiana... 

The Third Man

June 4, 2007

Based on a story by Graham Greene, The Third Man (1949) was the follow-up to his previous collaboration with director Carol Reed, The Fallen Idol (1948) and was not an easy film to get made but the end result speaks for itself as it has since become an... 

Green for Danger

February 9, 2007

Based on Christianna Brand’s novel of the same name, Green for Danger (1946) is a first rate example of the classic English murder mystery with game-like rules including false leads, plot twists, adherence to certain decorum of the time period and clues...