January 26, 2007

Flyboys (2006) attempts to tell the story of the Lafayette Escadrille – American pilots who volunteered to fly in the French Air Service during World War. As the war rages on and millions of soldiers die, America has yet to enter the war. Inspired by... 

Invasion: The Complete Series

August 14, 2006

Poor Shaun Cassidy. If he didn’t have bad luck he’d have no luck at all. In 1995, he created American Gothic, a creepy supernatural drama for network television that was unable to garner decent enough ratings to stay on the air. In 2005, he returned... 

My Boss’s Daughter

July 21, 2002

Ashton Kutcher is the current flavor of the month. The success of his MTV show, Punk’d and the Dude, Where’s My Car? (2000) movie has catapulted this young actor onto the hot list. It also has studios scrambling to release anything and everything...