Gone in 60 Seconds

November 8, 2005

Sixty seconds is unfortunately NOT the duration of this forgettable piece of celluloid cotton candy. Brought to us by action film producer extraordinare, Jerry Bruckheimer, it is truly astounding how he managed to convince three Academy Award winning... 

October Sky: Special Edition

August 1, 2005

Based on Homer Hickam, Jr.’s childhood memoirs, Rocket Boys, October Sky (1999) was a surprise sleeper hit and gave actor Jake Gyllenhaal his first of many substantial roles. October Sky is one of those rare family films that isn’t condescending to... 

The Butterfly Effect

April 10, 2002

“The Butterfly Effect is a gripping, supernatural thriller that taps into the turbulent nature of past, present and future”, claim the producers. Lies! Let’s rephrase it more accurately: “The Butterfly Effect is a stupid supernatural...