January 7, 2013

Since the 2000s, Tim Burton has played it relatively safe, often falling back on his name as a familiar (and marketable) brand that mainstream audiences know and recognize. With the horrible misfire that was the Planet of the Apes (2001) remake, he directed... 

Black Swan

March 24, 2011

Let’s be honest, there aren’t many ballet-centric films out there and even fewer that are good, with notable exceptions like The Red Shoes (1948) and the underrated Robert Altman film The Company (2003). So Darren Aronofsky had his work cut out for... 

Cher: The Film Collection

November 22, 2010

Here’s a film that I bet William Friedkin would like to forget. At a time when popular musical acts like The Beatles and The Monkees were starring in movie musicals, Sonny and Cher decided to cash in on the trend too with Good Times (1967). Bored between... 

The Ten

January 15, 2008

Since The State broke up in 1995, fans of MTV’s answer to Saturday Night Live have been hoping for a reunion and the group has come close with Wet Hot American Summer (2001) and now The Ten (2007), a satire of the Ten Commandments. Imagine Krzysztof... 

Night on Earth

September 10, 2007

Jim Jarmusch began the 1990s with Night on Earth (1991) and would go on to produce some of his strongest work with Dead Man (1995) and Ghost Dog (1999). However, these two films don’t quite have the warmth and the humanity abundant in Night on Earth.... 

Adam Sandler Collection

June 20, 2006

When Adam Sandler started making movies where he was the star they were a mix of childish frat boy humour and romance with more of an emphasis on what Kevin Smith would classify as “dick and fart jokes.” The best example of this early period would...