Flags of Our Fathers

February 21, 2007

In 2006, Clint Eastwood took on his most ambitious project yet: depicting the famous battle of Iwo Jima from both the American and Japanese perspectives. He had so much material and wanted to give equal time to both sides that he decided to make two films.... 

Amazing Stories: The Complete First Season

August 1, 2006

At the height of his mid-1980s fame, Steven Spielberg parlayed his clout to convince Universal Studios to back a weekly anthology show on network television that would be called Amazing Stories (named from the pulp fiction magazine of the same name) and... 

Million Dollar Baby

December 4, 2005

Untalented filmmakers make the mistake of keeping their movies simple with obvious, pedestrian direction. Clint Eastwood is an experienced director who doesn’t need overt, stylistic flourishes to make his point. His movies are the epitome of understatement.... 

Mystic River

May 18, 2004

Clint Eastwood is a highly regarded actor but under-appreciated as a director. Sure, he received an Academy Award for directing Unforgiven (1992) and deservedly so, but he is conspicuously absent when critics talk about great contemporary directors like...