Eagle Eye: 2-Disc Special Edition

January 5, 2009

Eagle Eye (2008) sees Shia LaBeouf reunited with director D.J. Caruso and producer Steven Spielberg, both of whom helped put him on the map with Disturbia (2007). That film liberally ripped off Rear Window (1954) and this new one takes on the paranoid... 


August 6, 2007

With a starring role in the new Transformers film (2007) and a significant role in the upcoming Indiana Jones installment, Shia LaBeouf is being groomed as the next big thing. He made Disturbia (2007) just before these blockbusters and this little thriller... 

Two for the Money

March 4, 2006

Director D.J. Caruso got his start in T.V. working on shows like the short-lived Buddy Faro, Dark Angel and edgier material like The Shield and Robbery Homicide Division. He soon migrated to the same kind of dark material with his feature films, The Salton... 

Taking Lives: Unrated Director’s Cut

January 30, 2005

Taking Lives (2004) was released the same year as the Ashley Judd film, Twisted and shares the same dubious honor of being a generic thriller starring an extremely talented actress who should know better. So, what went wrong? The performances by the talented...