Scanners: Criterion Collection

July 28, 2014

For a good part of his career, David Cronenberg has been fascinated by secret societies, be it the New Age-y psychotherapist and his patients in The Brood (1979) or the people addicted to an immersive video game in eXistenZ (1999). With Scanners (1981),... 

Eastern Promises

January 14, 2008

Ever since his big budget remake of The Fly (1986), David Cronenberg has flirted with mainstream success. Known early on in his career as a provocative and original horror/science fiction filmmaker, he began to dabble in other genres with his adaptation... 

The Fly: The Ultimate Collector’s Edition

May 17, 2006

Should Man play God, should we attempt to better the world with radical inventions, should we push scientific know-how to its limits and should we test it, on ourselves? The Fly movies would suggest that, no – we don’t, because when it goes wrong,... 


December 15, 2004

Videodrome (1983) is a rare horror film that is as smart and thought-provoking as it is scary and gory. Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg was fresh from the success of Scanners (1981) and this film would continue his fascination with blurring the boundaries... 

Naked Lunch

December 5, 2001

Just as David Cronenberg was the ideal filmmaker to adapt William S. Burroughs’ complex novel, Naked Lunch, into a film, The Criterion Collection is the perfect company to finally release this challenging movie on DVD. Both have never shied away from...