Ministry of Fear: Criterion Collection

March 19, 2013

Fritz Lang was a German filmmaker in exile thanks to World War II. He saw making an adaptation of Graham Greene’s novel The Ministry of Fear as a way to contribute to the war effort and demonstrate his democratic credentials. However, the studio made... 

Columbia Pictures Film Noir Classics: Volume 1

November 4, 2009

Film noir is a tricky genre to get a handle on. Film critics and historians argue endlessly about how to define it but they certainly know one when they see it. Classic film noir typically is set in an urban environment – rainy nights, shadowy alleyways... 


July 22, 2005

Based on a series of gruesome murder cases that occurred in Berlin, Germany, M (1931) is one of the earliest serial killer movies. A city is terrorized by a man (Lorre) who kills children. The latest victim is a little girl named Elsie (Landgut). Director... 


July 6, 2005

It’s not that often that the words ‘masterpiece’ or ‘work of art’ are used in reference to film, but you’d be hard pressed to find any writings on Fritz Lang’s Metropolis that does not. Eureka are releasing a...