Nacho Libre

November 3, 2006

Mexican professional wrestling (or Lucha libre as it is known) is the subject of Jared Hess’ (of Napoleon Dynamite fame) new film, Nacho Libre (2006). The sport started in the early 1900s and was mainly a regional phenomenon until wrestlers were brought... 

Napoleon Dynamite: Like, The Best Special Edition Ever!

May 18, 2006

In an attempt to cash in on the recently minted cult film status of Napoleon Dynamite (2004), the film’s star Jon Heder’s emerging film career and director Jared Hess’ new movie coming out this summer, 20th Century Fox have double dipped with a... 

Napoleon Dynamite

July 20, 2005

Along with Garden State (2004), Napoleon Dynamite (2004) has been championed as an auspicious independent film debut but is it a case of the Emperor having no clothes? Jared Hess’s movie resides somewhere between the cruel alienation of Welcome to the...