Jurrasic Park Trilogy: The Extras Disc

January 29, 2006

A note to readers that this review only refers to the fourth disc that comes with the Jurassic Park Trilogy. That fourth disc being the extras features disc for each of the original films. The words and verdict are a reflection of the extras only and... 

October Sky: Special Edition

August 1, 2005

Based on Homer Hickam, Jr.’s childhood memoirs, Rocket Boys, October Sky (1999) was a surprise sleeper hit and gave actor Jake Gyllenhaal his first of many substantial roles. October Sky is one of those rare family films that isn’t condescending to... 


November 28, 2004

Filmmaker Joe Johnston is something of a curious anomaly in Hollywood. He got his start as a protégé of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas and adopted their style of filmmaking once he became a director. He has since made retro adventure films his forte... 

Jurassic Park III

June 15, 2003

‘There is absolutely no force on this earth that would get me onto that island’ proclaimed Alan Grant when asked if he would travel to the island of Isla Sorna to study the habits of raptors up close. We all know he will, it’s just a...