Chimes at Midnight: Criterion Collection

November 17, 2016

For years, Orson Welles wanted to portray Sir John Falstaff, a recurring character in William Shakespeare’s plays. In 1939, Welles had produced a Broadway stage adaptation of nine Shakespeare plays and revived it in 1960. While neither were successful,... 

The Complete Mr. Arkadin

April 12, 2006

By 1955, Orson Welles’ Hollywood career was over having burned his final bridges with Tinseltown over The Lady From Shanghai (1947). He would direct Touch of Evil (1958) for Universal a few years later but only at Charlton Heston’s behest. Mr. Arkadin... 

F for Fake

October 5, 2005

Made late in Orson Welles’ life, F for Fake (1972) is an odd movie. Not exactly a documentary but rather a film essay on forgeries and the nature of authorship. The movie also continues the filmmaker’s life-long fascination with magic. He performs...