Tru Calling: Season 1

November 22, 2005

So you’re a co-star in one of the most successful TV shows of all time that’s just finished after seven years. Do you A) do your own spin-off series, or B) take the lead in a brand new project? For Buffy regular Eliza Dushku it seems taking... 

Roswell: Season Three

May 7, 2005

Teenagers. Tantrums. Tabasco. At the end of last season Tess’ betrayal and psychic murder of classmate Alex were revealed and, carrying Max’s child, she took the alien ship back to their home planet. Just your average Friday night in Roswell,... 

Roswell: Season Two

December 23, 2003

Those teenage Tabasco lovers are back with more conspiracies and alien love triangles in the state of weird that is Roswell. At the end of season one Max and his alien buddies had their cover blown by releasing a signal that would announce their position...