Picnic at Hanging Rock: Criterion Collection

July 8, 2014

There is a fascinating air of mystery surrounding Peter Weir’s adaptation of Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975) that captivated me when I first saw it many years ago and continues to haunt me. While the story is a simple yet intriguing one its lack of closure... 

The Way Back

April 19, 2011

Has it really been seven years since Peter Weir released a film? For fans of his work, the arrival of a new film has been long overdue and eager anticipated. Sadly, the kinds of films he makes are no longer what Hollywood is interesting in backing and... 

Dead Poets Society: Special Edition

March 7, 2006

Dead Poets Society (1989) is significant in Robin Williams’ career in that it was his most dramatic role at that point. Also, it was a film in which he did not have the most screen time. His character is not the central focus; rather it is the boys... 

The Truman Show: Special Edition

January 23, 2006

With the proliferation of reality TV shows of all kinds, we aren’t too far away from the premise of The Truman Show (1998). Reality TV proves that people will watch just about anything and Peter Weir’s film takes that notion one step further by having... 

Witness: Special Collector’s Edition

January 19, 2006

Remember when Harrison Ford used to make good movies? It’s scary to think that there is an entire generation that only knows him from dreck like Hollywood Homicide (2003). The ‘80s proved to be his most prolific period where, in between huge blockbuster... 

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

December 3, 2001

Master and Commander is another of those films that lures would be cinema-stay-aways back into theatres, the kind of people normally put off by the bravado of big box office movies. Films like Gladiator and Titanic had this intangible quality also, as...