The New World: Criterion Collection

July 28, 2016

After completing The Thin Red Line (1998), filmmaker Terrence Malick began working on a film about Che Guevara and his failed revolution in Bolivia (that was eventually made by Steven Soderbergh) but after financing fell through he was offered The New... 

Badlands: Criterion Collection

March 21, 2013

Badlands (1973) was an auspicious debut from Terrence Malick. Based loosely on the real-life killing spree of Charles Starkweather and his girlfriend Caril Ann Fugate in 1958, Malick made his film independently and for little money. The end result is... 

THE TREE OF LIFE in Theaters Friday, May 27th!

May 31, 2011

—————————– Official site:  —————————– Written by: Terrence Malick Produced by: Bill... 

The Thin Red Line: Criterion Collection

September 16, 2010

After Terrence Malick made Days of Heaven in the late 1970s, he didn’t make another film for two decades. Because he shunned the press like the cinematic equivalent of Thomas Pynchon, speculation was rampant as to the reasons why. It was rumored that... 

Days of Heaven: Criterion Collection

October 12, 2007

In retrospect, Days of Heaven (1978) can be seen as a transitional film for its director, Terrence Malick, whose first film, Badlands (1973), was a fictionalized account of Charles Starkweather, a young man who went on a killing spree with his teenage...