Cassandra’s Dream

May 29, 2008

Cassandra’s Dream (2007) continues Woody Allen’s current string of European-based films. Whether for financial reasons or wanting a change of pace, the New York-based filmmaker left his favourite city in favour of London with Match Point (2005), Scoop... 


February 20, 2006

After the phenomenal success of Annie Hall (1977), Woody Allen confounded the expectations of his critics and fans with Interiors (1978), which saw him doing his best Ingmar Bergman impression. It was his first dramatic film and while critical reaction... 

Melinda and Melinda

February 4, 2006

Since the start of the ‘90s, Woody Allen’s films have been hit and miss affairs with audiences and critics alike. And yet, he continues to average a film a year, keeping his head down and plugging away, so that it almost becomes a right of passage... 

Annie Hall

January 31, 2006

Prior to Annie Hall (1977), Woody Allen was known as a comic, cutting his teeth in stand-up comedy and paying his dues as a comedy writer. When he started making films, his early efforts were flat-out comedies and farces like Bananas (1971). It wasn’t...